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MAXON BLOG – Cinema 4D – and the Cinema 4D community.

Welcome to the official MAXON Blog. This blog provides the most up-to-date official information about MAXON, its products – in particular its flagship product Cinema 4D – and the Cinema 4D community. You can expect to see posts from a wide variety of MAXON employees, like the one beneath.

FUI, GUI and HUD design has become big business for Cinema 4D artists. Cinema 4D’s designer friendly interface and powerful toolset make it an ideal environment for creating dynamic UX. So you’ve got the right tools. You’ve got the desire. And now we’re giving you a comprehensive tutorial series on Cineversity hosted by the aforementioned innovative creators at Perception.

We’ve partnered with their award-winning team to bring you a comprehensive video tutorial series designed to help Cinema 4D users learn the technical aspects of creating futuristic motion graphics imagery for fictional and non-fictional use. The series includes a roundtable hosted by Chief Creative John LePore, who along with fellow studio artists — Russ Gautier, Doug Appleton and Justin Molush — discuss fantasy design concepts. Each artist hosts a different technique in the tutorial series.

  • Tutorial Sections
    • Series Intro: A brief overview of what you’ll see in Perception’s Guide to FUI.
    • Roundtable Discussion on FUI in Film: The Perception team discusses the background and history of Futuristic User Interfaces in Film and Beyond, the basic requirements (do’s and don’ts) as well as their approach to designing Futuristic User Interfaces.
    • Making Radial FUI Elements with Spline Wrap: John LePore covers several different ways to quickly and easily make radial forms utilizing the Spline Wrap deformer.
    • Creating Topographic Map Geometry: Russ Gautier (Art Director at Perception) discusses making geometry-based topographic maps in Cinema 4D.
    • Using Takes and Tokens to Help Organize Large Renders: Doug Appleton (VFX Director at Perception) walks you through the Takes and Tokens system and offers workflow best practices to help you organize your renders when dealing with more complex FUI elements.
    • Creating a Wrist-Mounted Interface: Justin Molush (Senior Designer at Perception) offers tips on tracking complex shots with C4D’s Camera and Object tracker to create a futuristic wrist-mounted interface.
    • Using Simple Animations to Add Complexity To Design: Doug Appleton talks about simple techniques for using effectors and minimal keyframe animation to add an extra layer of complexity and interest to your FUI designs.
    • Animating HUD Elements with Expresso: Russ Gautier builds and animates a fighter jet-style HUD (Heads Up Display) using camera movement data with Expresso and Constraints.

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