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Maximum Design with Vectorworks BIM – 11 april, Sveriges Arkitekter

Join us at Sveriges Arkitekter for an exciting, half-day BIM workshop on 11 April 2017 designed to help you improve your Building Information Modeling skills and earn more business.

Led by Vectorworks software expert Jeffrey Ouellette, senior product specialist at Vectorworks, Inc. and chairman of buildingSMART’s ISG (Implementation Support Group), along with Basem Besada, CEO of BMV Studio and Timothy Besada, CEO of The Hybrid Forest, the workshop will provide an enlightening half-day of education in which designers and BIM stakeholders can gain valuable advice concerning key BIM issues.

  • 13.00 Greetings & Introductions
  • 13.10 Survey of the BIM world
    • BIM Processes
      • Virtual Prototyping
      • Design coordination / Clash detection
      • Facility Management and more
    • BIM Technologies / Tools
      • Design/Authoring Tools
      • Simulation and Analysis Tools
      • Project Management/Collaboration Tools
    • Data Interoperability
      • Big Challenges, Big Data
      • Closed BIM vs Open BIM
  • 13.50 Vectorworks BIM – Big Picture
    • Design First – Can you do BIM and still create good architecture?
    • Transitioning from CAD to BIM
    • 2D + 3D + Data
    • Interoperability / BIM Ecosystems (Nemetschek and beyond)
  • 14.30 Break
  • 14.50 Vectorworks BIM – Sketch to BIM
    • Gathering Inspiration
      • CAD & 2D: DWG / DWF / PDF / Images
      • 3D: 3DM / SKP / OBJ / Point Clouds
    • Modeling / Drawing
      • 2D & 3D Tools
      • BIM Tools / Objects / Content & Resources
  • 15.30 Collaboration & Presentation
    • Project Sharing / IFC / DWG
    • 2D / 3D / Rendering / Nomad
  • 16.00 Virtual Reality
    • Export Web View / Standard VR
    • Next level with VR Interactions!
  • 16.30 Vectorworks BIM – Beyond the Basics
    • Site Tools
    • Marionette
  • 17.00 Networking Reception

Is using BIM an all-or-none proposition or is there a better path of transitioning smoothly from current practices?

See and try on how Virtual Reality can take your designs to the next level with interactions!

Attendees will discover a better way to design using Vectorworks® software, the industry’s only modeling, drafting, visualizing and documentation solution built with design at the heart of the BIM process. You’ll also receive a first-hand look at how the software empowers designers working at any scale to create data-rich projects without sacrificing their creative processes through example case studies, as well as hear how your fellow Swedish architects are already successfully designing with Vectorworks’ BIM capabilities.

The workshop is free to attend and we’ll conclude with a networking reception.

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